Can’t win for eating

I thought I would share my health wows with you. Before my first cold water attempt I had gained about 15 pounds, this was the good times of peanut butter, muffins, fast food and other great stuff, until I made the mistake of having my cholesterol checked and low and behold it was somewhat high. What a bummer for a future channel swimmer! I thought I could be large and in charge, eat until I could eat no more, pack on the pounds with no repercussions! Wrong… I will have to gain weight thru healthy eating. Brown rice, soya milk and other whole foods. My doctor was a bit shocked as he considered me one of his fitter clients, but cholesterol can be a genetic thing and sometimes this is the luck of the draw.

The above photos were taken on a cruise ship to Alaska. This was the Mecca for gaining weight…ow ya. I was on such a roll (no pun intended). I boarded the vessel and ate for two days straight, approximately ten meals, the third day I woke up at 4:00 am with what I thought was sea sickness, but it turned out to be Norwalk! That next two days were very intense. I was the only one of our group to actually lose weight. This never stopped me thou, I remember swimming in the ocean last summer and as I was into a 2 hour training swim and I looked over and saw this cruise ship, I was kind of bonking and remember muttering the words ”food boat”. I could have easily swam over and climbed aboard for lunch! So for now I will try to eat as healthy as I can, but will truly regret not being able to gain weight the easy way.

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