Open Water Now!

Time is starting to race now. I have approx. 36 days before I have to be ready willing and able to swim the Channel. I have been thinking about this everyday for two years and the days are starting to come sooner than later. I have already started praying to the channel gods for good weather and an opportunity to attempt. This is not negative thinking it’s just that you have to prepare yourself for everything, including the weather not cooperating.

I have been in the ocean as much as I can these past two weeks and temperatures have been averaging about 56’F (13’C). Most of my swims are as long as I can take the cold (60 – 90mins), but I need a little warmer water so I can stay in for 2-3-4 hours at a time.

3 responses to “Open Water Now!

  1. nice video! so my question to you is does getting mild bouts of hypothermia from swimming in the too cold water help to develop a resistance to developing it more often, or does it make you more likely to get it, or does it not make a difference?

  2. great music for ”the shakes”

  3. We’re cheering you on Rod! Way to go!

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