Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

July 14, 2010

I talked to our pilot Andy King. Friday is not so good, but Saturday and Sunday may be ok. I am the #2 swimmer in a Que. of three. I will be in contact with Andy closer to Friday.

For some reason I didn’t get the best sleep, maybe five hours. The guest house accommodation includes breakfast. So far, I have opted for the English breakfast, which consists of two eggs, sausage, ham, baked beans and toast. I definitely could get used to this, and it certainly helped the lack of sleep.

We walked down to Dover Harbour (10 mins) where they have a huge protected recreation area. Historically, the majority of channel swimmers come and train here.

When we arrived I noticed a group of swimmers from Libya on the beach preparing for a training swim. I talked to their coach and sure enough they were planning to swim the channel as a relay team. This would be a first for Libya.

I swam here for about 1:15mins. The water temp was about 16’C . I did notice how much saltier the water is here and made a mental note not to get lazy and ingest to much. After the swim we talked with the group from Libya and took some photos, it was great fun to meet them.