London Calling

We left Vancouver for London, England on Friday, July 9 at 8:30pm. We arrived at Heathrow Airport Saturday, July 10 at 1:40pm. Having to sit upright for ten hours on a plane is always an arduous task. The weather is hot (28’C) and sunny.

Quick itinerary, just in case you are interested; Stay in London for three days, leave for Dover on Tuesday, July 13. Stay in Dover for as long as it takes. My tide window is from July 16-24. Best scenario would be to swim early that week and have the rest of the time to travel. We will do our best to keep you updated before, during and after the swim!

After we landed in Heathrow we ended up taking a London Cab to our hotel. We were bound and determined to stay awake at least until post dinner as we wanted to beat the jet lag as best we could. Our hotel is situated very close to Hyde Park and the Serpentine Lake, where they actually have a swim club. Hyde Park is huge with great sights including the Kensington Gardens, King Alberts Memorial and Speakers Corner.

11 responses to “London Calling

  1. Fill me in people! we just moved mittens into the house. she is thriving and telling abby where she stands on the totem pole…which is the bottom. anyways call or email me or something.

    • Hi honey, we arrived safely, but really tired!  Only slept for about 1/2 hour intervals on the plane.  When we got here we felt we needed to do something right away, so we went to Hyde Park. Little did we know how BIG it was! Well we did, but we got a little side tracked and wandered and wandered, walked all around the Serpitine Lake, got a little lost, we ended up walking for a few hours, after no sleep on the plane, so we went to bed at about 8:00 London time.

      Today Rod swam in the really cool public pool. In a super old bldg, tons of character. After that we had breakfast, then went back to the hotel, and NAPPED!!!!  We we woke up we were going to the British Museum. When we got to our lobby, we ran into our friends who are coming to the Channel with us. It was great catching them. They came to the museum with us.  Tonight we just had a casual dinner at the Banana Tree, you would have loved it, Rod had curry, I had Pad Thai.

      Going to bed early again tonight so Rod can go swimming tomorrow at the pool at 6:30 am. Then we are going off to see some sites.   Oh, guess what, CBC Radio is calling Rod at 2:10 London time tomorrow for an interview over the phone! Can you believe it!  So we have to be back to our hotel by then. After that we’ll head out and do more touristy things.

      Rod just got his email up and running tonight, that is why I haven’t gotten ahold of you earlier. Have a great time, and email often.

      Love your mom, and Rod  

  2. Wendy and Fran

    We are thinking of you, good luck with the swim. Enjoy the tours of London.

  3. yahoo that sounds awesome! i will try to figure out what time 2:10 is our time and listen to it at work tommorow! definately check out the natural history museum it was my favorite AND free! mittens has just finished day two of her stay and is even more relaxed. she just struts her stuff through the dogs like she doesnt care sleeps on the chair loves it. it is much better than us leaving her behind she would be so lonely. sounds like you guys are having fun so far. its smokin hot here and the dogs are happy and so are we! check my email i emailed rod some pictures of charlie abby and i form out hike! keep in touch! tommorow is my friday so i wont be able to answer all day but after that i have the weekend so i will answer no matter what! have fun try to check out all the museums and art galleries they are free! byebye love tim maddy mittens charlie and …….abby

  4. Glad to hear that you are enjoying my favourite town! Keep up the emails so we know what is happening.

  5. Rod!!!! Best of luck sounds like it’s gonna be a great experience. You gotta check out the historical war museum in London. They have over 100 hand granades on display, most resembling minature pineapples. mmmmmm.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  6. Rod/Bonnie
    I was driving down Queens on Friday at 8:40pm and saw your flight moving over Howe Sound. What a feeling!
    CBC’s website reports that 29-year-old Kristen Roe of Halifax will be attempting to swim the Channel between July 19 an 27. Go Canada!
    Enjoy every moment in and out of the water!

  7. Charles Curtis

    A friend phoned this morning at 6:00 am to tell us that you were to be interviewed on CBC Radio. We were thrilled. The interview went very well. Rod you were relaxed, articulate, informative. We wish we could be in Dover to watch you enter the Channel. Perhaps next time.

  8. Marty McLaren

    Hey Rod aka Invincible Rod
    The anticipation on this side to hear successful news is all-consuming. After your performance in the Georgia Strait the Channel should just be a ‘walk-in-the-park’.
    Best to Bonnie.
    Marty and Elizabeth

  9. Donna Pakulak

    Good Luck Rod – Thinking of you and checking to see when you go! Cheers, Donna

  10. City Hall is a buzz with anticipation of celebrating with you! Keep us posted so we can send our strength and good jokes to you over on that side of the pond as you swim. Enjoy every moment of this!!

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