July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

The swim is getting closer, but we are still in London…

Woke up this morning and made my way to the Porchester Recreation Centre. This a great facility only five minutes from our hotel. It was built in 1926, originally as a bath house and it has a 30metre pool, which is kind of an odd size as far as pools go. I swam 3500m at a reasonable pace.

Today we were joined by two of good friends John Hamilton and Hugh Johnston. I had no idea Hugh was to be travelling with us as they kept this a secret from the very beginning, including a going away dinner party last week. I will never forget walking down to the Lobby, glancing over to see John, and then seeing this person next to him that really looked familiar…welcome Hugh!

London is an amazing place. Today we visited Buckingham Palace, attended an hour long service at Westminster Abbey, walked through Trafalgar Square and lastly had a wonderful Indian dinner at Piccadilly Circus.

4 responses to “July 12, 2010

  1. Pat Gjerdalen

    Hello Rod,

    Computers are amazing things aren’t they!!! Good to get in on the latest happenings. I left Greig and family at the airport yesterday, all very excited about the big event. I am so proud of you. Hope the family have met up with you and all are in fine form. Hello to everyone. GOOD LUCK . Hope you get in the water on your scheduled day. Lots of love Pat x

  2. Jeanne Carlsen

    Rod, all the best to you while you prepare for your channel swim! How exciting to have all your family and friends with you! We are preparing for our sprint across the lake this weekend, should be lots of fun.

    We will be keeping tabs on your progress and look forward to all your news.

    All the best.

    Jeanne & Glen

  3. sorry i realized my comments have been coming up as “rodcraig” but i am not him. the computer was logged onto your acount. sorry..

  4. Rod and Bonnie. It looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy London’s energy and history. I highly recommend a visit to the Tower of London.

    Regarding the swim….forecast is for high pressure, sunny and warm temperatures this weekend! Water temp is 62’F. It is looking promising!! I am so excited for you. Stay focussed. Do not take the Channel for granted…even with 400 m to go. Save something for the coast of France.

    Mike and I will be going head to head with Jeannie and Glen in the Across the Lake Swim this Saturday. We will all be cheering you on! Have fun and keep us updated.

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