Next Stop Dover

July 13, 2010

Today is Travelling day. We took a cab to the Victoria Train Station from our hotel. On a side note is was kind of sad leaving London because of all the incredible sights to see knowing that we had just scratched the surface. Everything here is very accessible via the public transportation. On a personal note, I must confess that I am not the greatest with confined spaces, like the London Tube. Team “Midlife” thought that they would experiment with me…as Hugh put it “Lets just take the champ underground to see how he does…” well the champ lasted about one minute. It’s funny, I would rather swim the channel than ride the tube!

We caught the train to Dover at 3:30pm which was a very fast and scenic way to go, it lasted about 1:30mins with a total cost of 27 pounds.

Arrived in Dover just in time to check into our bed and breakfast (Maison Dieu Guest House) . Met with the owner Diana French who immediately gave us tea and cookies and took us though the logistics of our stay. We later walked into the City core (5 mins) and had a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant. To finish the evening off we walked down to Dover Harbour where I stuck my toe in the water and ran out screaming like a little school girl! Just kidding…the water is cold, but not that cold.

Lastly, we walked along the promenade where we paid homage to the local hero Captain Matthew Webb who was the first person to swim the channel in 1875.

6 responses to “Next Stop Dover

  1. I am a Dover resident and by good fortune bumped into Rod by chance down by the sea this morning (we don’t know each other). Can confirm that he set off well on a training swim even though it was low tide and the water just about covered his knees! Am looking forward to going down to Shakespeare beach to wish him well when he sets out at the weekend

  2. Barbara Westmacott


    Everyone here at the City of North Vancouver City Hall is wishing you well, and cheering you on! Heard your interview on CBC early edition, you sounded great.

    Say bonjour to France for me!


  3. Rod & Greig, have an awesome swim, as I know you will and I look forward to hearing of your successful crossing!!! May the wind and tide be at your back’s and calm waters lie ahead….. Al

  4. Debra Christian

    Hi Rod,

    Just had to tell you that I heard your interview with Anthony Germaine on CBC at 6:10 Monday morning. Was thinking about getting up to excercise when I heard the intro. Shot bolt upright and hung on every word. We’re all so excited for you and look forward to your daily progress report. Stay strong. Envision your goal. Our collective energy is with you.



  5. Like you can Rod. Good Luck!

    See you at Ambleside

  6. Like you can Rod. Good Luck!

    See you at Ambleside.

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