July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

Weather has been very windy the last two days. We met with our pilot Andy King today at 11:00am. He took us aboard the Louise Jayne, which is named after his late sister. Coincidentally, my sisters name is Jayne Louise. Andy seems very qualified as a seaman and has done over one hundred crossings. We talked about the weather and so far it does not look good until Monday and he has a relay team to get across before me. I will keep you posted.

Yesterday we were joined by our good friends Greig, Hannele and their boys Luke and Cole. Greig will be swimming along side me for parts of the swim. This will definitely be a bonus as it can and will get a little monotonous out there.

As far as sight seeing goes we walked the Cliffs of Dover and because it was a clear day we could see France! It was a bit daunting, but all I have to do is point myself in the right direction and keep swimming…

9 responses to “July 16, 2010

  1. Rod, are the cliffs of Dover really white? Or do you have to wait until you’re swimming back to England from France to tell?! Just kidding!!Hope the wind dies down and you, and all your co-channellers, get your chance to duke it out with the elements. Lots of love from Barbara and yer pa.

  2. Darcie Montgomery

    Hey Rod
    Hope you get to swim on Monday, has Luke been training? Tell him you will be reporting back to me when he slacks off. I have enjoyed reading your blogs.

  3. Patty Montgomery

    Nice shirt Rod……….Bowyer to Bowen 2000 all the way to England.
    Thinking of you.
    xo Patty

  4. Hey Rod,
    from your huge fan – ‘just shut up and swim’! you are going to do so awesome. We are all looking forward to the event.

  5. Rocket
    Sandettie buoy water temp. is 16’C. Forecast looks favourable, winds seem relatively calm. Is there any chance that you will be swimming tomorrow or the day after? We are all anxiously awaiting for your moment.

    Updates on the homefront. Glen beat Jeannie in the Across the Lake Swim! I also spoke with Mike Humphreys yesterday. I am coming over in a month to crew for him. Your blog has me reminiscing about and longing for the sands of Cap Gris-Nez.

    Hope you and Bonnie are enjoying yourselves. I trust you have been to Canterbury. I also recommend visiting the Battle of Britain Museum in Folkestone.

    Everyone here in Kelowna wishes you well!


  6. The waiting here is tough…..
    can not imagine what it is like for you.
    Had another great bbay this morning….
    lots of flotsum and jetsum!!!??? Have to be nautical swimming the Channel
    Have a great swim,
    Thinking of you,

  7. Hi Rod,
    I hope the rest of your day went well after our nice 2 hour swim today! Keep me posted of your swim day so I can cheer you on. It’s so great you’re here as well!


  8. What a nice group, and nice hat too! Rodney, you are looking good and chubby, you may have to find some way to burn off some energy when you get to France?

    Have a great swim, Eric

  9. Hey there Rod, your a long way from the trenches of North Vancouver. Nice to see your pictures and to see that your buds John and Hugh are there to support you in your attemp to swim solo across the english channel. I hope the weather is favorable and you get your chance on tuesday, GOOD LUCK!!!

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