July 18, 2010 – Sunday

Just got of the phone with Andy – looks like he will take the relay team tomorrow (Monday) and then me on Tuesday. The forecast is for some rain, but otherwise sunny. The only thing that might stop us is the wind. Fingers crossed. The water temp is a little cooler than expected, but I will just have to swim faster!!!

Keep you posted…

17 responses to “July 18, 2010 – Sunday

  1. Linda McDonald

    Playing Cribbage with my Dad at my parents’ apartment. I’m reading your blog with my parents. We are all wishing you the best with your swim. Judy and Vince send their best wishes too.

  2. We’re thinking of you Rod and hoping for calm winds on Tuesday. All the best to you and your team!

  3. You can do it!!!!!

  4. Allison & Shawn

    Hi Guys…..we are SO rooting for you Rod!!! We hope you are having fantastic time over there and keep the pictures coming!

  5. Rod,
    Remember to keep your stroke count up (greater than 60) and use your legs in an effort to stay warm.

    Spiritual Advisor

  6. Charles Curtis

    We have absolutely no advice on how to conduct the swim, but our hearts are with you all the way. We hope that Tuesday finds you in Calais, and we wish that we could be on the beach to greet you as you emerge from the water. Charles and Kathie

  7. Anna Marchiafava

    OMG I’m so excited for you!!! My thoughts are going to the “Channel Gods” and hope for great weather and a perfect swim. Watch out Tuesday because Rod Craig is coming your way.
    Go get’m Rod!!
    Anna, Dave and Nadia too:)

  8. Rod, Go do what you have trained so hard for!! enjoy the journey, trust your training, and feast in the victory!!! Trust that North Van is behind you!


  9. Donna Pakulak

    Go Rod Go!!! Thinking of you (& wishing for the perfect weather for you)

  10. Hi Rod
    Remember the last talk we had on pool deck. if i can pull in my life with all the challenges you can do this with no problem. Stay focus and make sure to have fun at the same time keep your stroke rate up, get the legs working so you can stay warm.
    We at North Shore Maters are with you and pray for you.
    Coach Khosro

  11. Greg Sanderson

    Hi Rod,
    Best of luck to you from everyone at Team Aquatic Supplies. Wishing you great weather and calm seas. Swim Rod swim!

  12. Graham Welbourn

    Go Rocket Go!!!


    Rod: You can do it!!! We wish you the best,
    Like de Olimpics….BELIVE…… This is your Olimpics

  14. Jeanne Carlsen

    Go Rod go!! We are with you all the way!!

  15. Alex Kurnicki

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Give ‘er and all that.
    Out here at Savary Island I have been watching the tides and thinking about you a lot.

    All I’m waiting for is to hear what your final time is going to end up being.

    All the best!

  16. Steve Harborne


    Bern says she’ll get you a pack of smokes and some condoms from the 7-11 when you arrive in France. LOL
    Good luck We know you can do it

  17. awesome possum! we believe in you

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