Green Light For Tuesday Morning

Looks like we have a go for Tuesday with a start time of 4:30am. I will try to post as soon as I can afterwards.

31 responses to “Green Light For Tuesday Morning

  1. Us three and some other of your neighbours will keep our fingers crossed for you starting tonight, PT,
    Go Rod, go!

  2. Wishing you a safe and successful crossing!

  3. wow! thats great! good luck! im sure you will just float over there no problem! ride a shark or two on the way. i hear there are millions of them over there. get a phone card and call me when you guys are finished!! have fun! we will be asleep but me and maddy will crack a couple cold ones to wish you on your route tonight 8:30 p.m our time! we will be thinking of ya!!

  4. We are all thinking of you! all the very ‘Best of British’ tomorrow 😉

  5. Cheering wildly for you!


  6. Hey brother,

    Nothing but good thoughts and warm water for you.

    love from all your family in North Van.

  7. Natalie Lauzon

    hey Rod,
    Sorry i’ve missed all the festivities around your upcoming swim.. i’m wishing you smooth waters for your swim and sending lots of positive energy to propel you forwards…
    Just take it all in and be proud, very, very proud of your accomplishments!

  8. Dolly Braithwaite Abney

    Good Luck Rod. I know you’ll do great. I can’t wait to say..”oh yeah, my old swim buddy just swam the English Channel”. I’m proud to be your friend.

  9. Go Rod Go! Your North and West Van swim buds are all sending you good luck thoughts.

  10. Rod, we are all very excited here at the City! Everyone in Engineering, Parks and Environment send their best wishes!! Hoping for warm water (although at 4:30 am I can’t imagine the water being anything but cold – but you live in Vancouver so you can handle it), sun and a warm blanket at the end!!
    Good swimming and see you soon.
    Engineering, Parks and Environment

  11. Dave & Jean McDonald

    19 July 2010

    Best of luck – all your friends at 123 East Keith are pulling for you.


  12. Good luck Rod. We’re all wishing you the best!

  13. Graham Welbourn

    Go Rocket Go!

  14. Rod,

    The extended Purdy family will be thinking of you. I am most impressed that you have your closest buddies with you, cheering you on.

    “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” ~ Henry Ford


    Jessica (Hamish’s sister)

  15. Hi Rod, best of luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow, and I can’t wait to hear about the journey. Make sure you take lots of pictures and videos.

    Cheers! James

  16. Go Rod Go! Smooth seas and co-operative currents, my friend. REMEMBER: try to imagine the sludge in your feed bottles is actually delicious chocolate shake and not “poison invented by sadists” (James’ description, not mine.)

    GO ROD GO!! Calais Or Bust!!

  17. Alex Kurnicki

    Go Rod!
    Might I recommend a hardy breakfast of 2 Red Bulls, 15 eggs and 1 piece of toast (you don’t want to go overboard with the carbs!)

    Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke….

  18. well rod… according to my watch you should have just stepped into the channel under an hour ago! i hope it feels nice and warm! me and maddy were at third beach and we had a ceremonial jump into the ocean right at 830pm our time which i belive would be 430 am your time so maybe we jumped into the ocean at the same time? well we just got out about 20 seconds later i think you might have a bit longer of a swim ahead of you than we did. anyways you’ll read this after you have already finished swimming the channel! give me a call guys we are dying of anticipation over here! Great job rod!

  19. Wow!! im at work tonight looking at my clock realing youve been in the water for about 2 hours now.. I hope it’s going well man! good luck.
    will be thinking about you in a totally straight guy way.
    Go Mega Rod!

  20. Charles Curtis

    It will be an anxious night for us, knowing that you are in the Channel swimming for France. Of course our hearts are with you all the way, but whatever happens this evening we’ll always remember that you had the courage to try sopmething that over the past century so few have accomplished. We will forever be proud of this moment. Good Luck!

  21. All the best Rod. You’ll rock it!

  22. Hi Rod – Brent was here briefly tonight and showed us your exact route. We also saw that conditions were great for your swim. By this time you will be in the water. Brent says it’s a spiritual journey. He is after all the Guru. We are all thinking of you. May the mermaids swim alongside you. 🙂 Take care and ride every wave!!!!

  23. Go Rod! We’re all pulling for you. You’re amazing!

    Steve O

  24. So nervous, excited and proud for you!!!

    Cheering you on throughout the day!!



    Our best wishes and thougts are with you…..France is to close…keep swiming, and swiming…..Good Luck!!! Your Mexican friends are with you…..

  26. Hi Rod
    you are only 1 hour and 40min away to finish it.
    i am very excited to know this.

  27. Curtis family

    GOod luck Rod.
    We are all wishing you a safe journey across the Channel.
    We are unbelievably proud of you for even thinking about attaining this goal. Thank you for being an incredible role model for the kids too!
    They are so excited, as are we, to hear how it all goes! YEAH ROD!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hey Rod
    I am very excited to know if you done the job or not.
    Jimmy is here beside me and keep telling me you are very slow and harry up every one is waiting for your success.
    keep the great job Rod
    yours in swimming

  29. Rod, we were going to bed just about when you were getting in the water. I dreamed about you. Craig and I were watching live video of your swim, and you were walking on the ocean floor, smiling away! We thought, he’s so close, he’s walking on the bottom. Then another part of my dream was your Dad shovelling a bunch of seaweed out of the way. What did I eat for dinner you ask? Sushi, of course! We’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from you. Lots of love, Barbara and Dad

  30. We’ll still let you swim with us at Ambleside when you get back; behind you all the way; well part of the way anyway!

  31. Colin & Leslea

    Rod, Congratulations!! Happy to hear of your tremendous success.

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