July 14, 2010

I talked to our pilot Andy King. Friday is not so good, but Saturday and Sunday may be ok. I am the #2 swimmer in a Que. of three. I will be in contact with Andy closer to Friday.

For some reason I didn’t get the best sleep, maybe five hours. The guest house accommodation includes breakfast. So far, I have opted for the English breakfast, which consists of two eggs, sausage, ham, baked beans and toast. I definitely could get used to this, and it certainly helped the lack of sleep.

We walked down to Dover Harbour (10 mins) where they have a huge protected recreation area. Historically, the majority of channel swimmers come and train here.

When we arrived I noticed a group of swimmers from Libya on the beach preparing for a training swim. I talked to their coach and sure enough they were planning to swim the channel as a relay team. This would be a first for Libya.

I swam here for about 1:15mins. The water temp was about 16’C . I did notice how much saltier the water is here and made a mental note not to get lazy and ingest to much. After the swim we talked with the group from Libya and took some photos, it was great fun to meet them.

11 responses to “July 14, 2010

  1. Rod, I don’t think Friday is a good day to swim the channel anyways… it will make us all feel bad as we eat our chocolate cake here and you’re out swimming. So Sat or Sun will be the time!

    Getting so pumped for you!!

  2. Rod, I am so excited for you!!! You are in the North Shore News. How cool is that!!!
    My high school principal told us “the only way to go is UP” – I guess in your case the only way to go is “Straight Across” šŸ™‚
    Good luck and don’t drink too much salty water!
    Go get them Mr. Rodney!!

  3. Graham Welbourn

    Go Rocket Go! Hi Bonnie…. nice pics!

  4. its getting close! hope you guys are having fun!

  5. Hi Rod, a big push and nod from me. Will be watching your site over the next few days. Best of luck. You are an inspiration!

  6. Thought of you today as we had a very relaxed swim at bbay…….
    water warm AND flat….
    hope you have the same,
    have a great swim.

  7. Charles Curtis

    Rod, the article you were interviewed for appeared in Wednesday (June 14th) issue of the North Shore News. It occupied the better part of two pages and featured a large picture of you swimming. It was interestingly written and I was surprised to see Bonnie’s name mentioned, although she was described as “girlfriend” rather than “fiance. With all the coverage you have received lately, your name show be well-known here. However, you should still be able to walk around the comunity with anonymity because every picture we have seen published lately has had you swimming, your face partially hidden by the water. We look forward to hearing that you have acomplished the Channel swim. We wonder if a ticker tape parade down Lonsdale is planned when you return. I wish we had not sold Kathie’s Miata, it would have been perfect for a parade. Charles

  8. Keeping fingers crossed for a weekend start. 2nd out of 3 in the queue line means good karma! All the best Rod.

  9. Hi Bonnie & Rod,
    We’ve really been enjoying your blog. By the time you read this you may be finished the journey across the Channel. If not, we wish you the best in a speedy cossing or, if yes, congratulations and big hugs from all of us (sorry Bonnie!)
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    PS Sexy trunks!

  10. Curtis family

    We are rooting for you, Rod! It looks like you are ready to go and just waiting for the right conditions. We KNOW you can do it…we are so proud of you and cant wait to hear about your HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.
    Macy, Carter and Estelle are also waiting to hear about the big midlife crossing, and are excited to attend grandpa’s ticker tape parade that it looks like he is organizing ( we’ll put the kids on a float if you like..) lol
    Take care and good luck, Buddy.
    Auntie Bonnie: it looks like you are having fun over there too! whoo hoo!!

  11. wow thats cool well done ,,

    im from the libyan team the one holding the jacket ( libya jacket )
    i was searching and i found it right now ,,
    we did it too in 9 : 26 ,,
    hope to hear from you soon ,,

    congrats again


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